What do we do exactly ?


We are specialised in the mixing of recorded material. There are many concerts that are interesting, but and not recorded and definitely not mixed properly for an CD. There is much more that could be done in this.

Therefor we encourage recording live material. From a technical point of view it is not so difficult to make a recording as soon as a PA is needed anyway. Often rental company’s can assist you in the actual recording process, even for a reasonable price. Keep in mind that this counts for all festivals, theater-productions, concerts or church services.

When the recording is finished, we have the knowledge, equipment and experience to get the best mix possible from the raw material. At the end you could have the mix on a CD, or on a file download (.mp3 .aiff .wav). Depending on the material, level of ambition, budget, we can deliver up to surround mixes.

We can advise you in the recording process, if necessary. With knowledge of up-to-date equipment we can advise you what direction to start.


There are so many places where there is music or speech, and it just doesn’t sound well. In most of the times you can “tune” the sound to get it optimized for the needed situation. We can assist you in that matter. If you are not sure if this is the right way, feel free to contact us.

What we don’t...?

MixingTones is a service company and therefore we do nothing with distribution, reselling or rental of products.

We don’t come with a recoding van to you. We specialise us at the mixing of music and post-production. If you have an audio-related question, you can always contact us. You never know in that way we can help you, or help you to find the right company.

Interested? Want to know more? Having doubts?

Feel free to contact us:


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