Knowledge, and sound in a digital world

The basis of technique is Physics and Mathematics. These days there is also the necessary IT-knowledge involved.

Where digital systems are quite useful, they also have their limitations. You need to know what your doing to get the job done properly. Always thinking about D/A - conversions, clocking, eliminating jitter, keeping the dither properly set, and so on.

There are multiple ways of mixing, as none is the best, they are just different. We use the way “Mixing in the box”. Because you don’t have multiple AD/DA conversion wich keeps the sound “pure”. Besides that, you gain fully automated controls for quick and efficient mixing. We decided that’s the most efficient way of working nowadays.

With a critical ear, we spend attention to converters, cabling and (multiple) monitoring. With this in mind, you can be sure of a proper mix.

We will be working with our heart & mind on your production.

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